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About us

About Us

We procreate and nurture your ideas of brilliant engineering with innovation and duty. Welcome to our world of Rupam Fabricators. In the spirit of entrepreneurship in 1978, Rupam Fabricators, today, has emerged as one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing sector. We work on the principles of distinguished quality services, render customer demands, engineering expertise, detailed analysis of the project, and outcome proficiency.

In the present era, Rupam Fabricators have created their unique standing in the market with their vision and commitment towards their customers as well as with their formulation of novel products and services. The linearity of the growth graph of Rupam Fabricators indicates that the sky is the limit for us. We have spread our wings domestically as well as internationally and our network span is increasing day by day.

We started operating in engineering since 1978 in Mumbai as Ultra precision CNC components, high precision machining components manufacturer, sheet metal fabricators and structural fabricators supplier and exporter to machinery industry. Stainless steel fabricators in Mumbai, Thane, India to entire world as stainless steel fabrication manufacturers to fabricator industries since 1978 as per the requirements with multiple industrial features.


  • * Future is to be the customer first with choice for the products and services
  • * To deliver quality enriched engineered products to our clients
  • * Aim to combines with ethical principles and reputation
  • * Pursuing the demand with full dedication
  • * Innovative and sensible automation solutions
  • * Ease and enrich the industry with new technologies
  • * Support and consequently assist in the growth of clients
  • * Technical and experienced professionals keep R & D


  • * Aim to be the world’s leading manufacturing company at cultivating novel
  • * Facilitating, improving and expanding on the basis of client's experiance
  • * Supply the products to worldwide on diverse base with world class components
  • * Long term relationship with customers on the basis of demand satisfactions
  • * Wide range of products with multiple options and supports respectively
  • * Improving the business opportunities and reducing operating costs of our customers

Why Us

  • * Reliability and durabilty features of products
  • * Quality planning of products according to specific requirements
  • * Cost effective products and technical services
  • * Efficient and precise execution process as per the requirements
  • * Timely services and befitting communication
  • * Quality of our products and services to our customers
  • * Dedicated technical, skilled and experiance professionals team