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Clientele Service Details :-

  • Energy Industry


Machines are the heart of every industry. Rupam Fabricators serves the Industrial and Commercial sector with comprehensive services ranging from designing, prototype making, contract manufacture and post-market support. The department of CADCAM provides cutting hardware and software edge to grant solid and surface modelling as well as high- resolution 2D manufacturing drawings. Our exclusive machinery enables us to work on 2- micron tolerances and handle alloys like steel, titanium, nickel and magnesium.


Textile sector weaves one of our basic necessities called as clothing. We encompass special manufacturing facilities for high-pressure spin pack made of Hastelloy for spinning monofilaments, multifilaments, staple fibres and bi-components for either sea-island,split type,sheath-core or side-by-side filaments and fibres. We pride ourselves in using advanced CNC turning procedure and high strength stainless steel to create these components. With bearing modern infrastructural facility, we have emerged as a successful spinneret holder manufacturer and exporter of superior quality in Mumbai and all around the globe.


We offer Industrial Fabrication work to our clients under the guidance and supervision of trained and skilled professionals. We are known for pocket-friendly prices, timely execution and high reliability amongst our clients. The services are custom made according to the norms of the industry and the requirements of the client. Our services include numerous industrial applications which are procreated with international standards.


Elevator ups our lives. Thus, in order to maintain the quality of it, we equip our clients with elevator parts and cater to all the fraternities including commercial, automobile as well as luxury applicants. We manufacture Car Frames - Standard and Cantilever Type, Cabins - Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Glass, and a range of Elevator accessories like Buffer Springs, Rope Bolts, Brackets, Guide Clip, Pit Ladder and many such items.


In the present era, the pharma sector has become the lifeline of people. We are very well aware of the stringent standards and precise requirements as well as the guidelines in terms of the quality of the product. Thus, taking all of it into consideration, we comply diligently with proper manufacturing practices and provide the best quality product after surveillance and inspection. The medical industry relies heavily on CNC services for catering to a broad range of items, including precision scalpels, operating room equipment, plastic products, and stainless steel surgical tools. We are the bearers of these products and we are regarded as the finest mould manufacturer in India since a few decades.


Over and above 15 years, Rupam Fabricators have proved their stance on quality and timely services by providing equipment parts, machines and components of highest quality, durability and functionality that the agriculture industry requires. We hold firm beliefs in making work safe, efficient and time-saving and thus our products are also designed in such a way that they hold true to our beliefs.


The Oil and Gas industry is in constant need for products that withstand the turbulent environment. This is where we come in the picture. Our products are enabled to withstand the non-conducive environment as well as precisely designed to produce the required output. We offer a wide range of precise machinery services as well as heavy structural expertise to our clients and turn our products into success missions.


Energy is one of the crucial resources in present times. We do our bit in order to uplift the resource by providing a wide range of products for energy machining facilities. Various equipment are required in order to harness the energy and fossil fuels. Whether your energy-based initiatives involve gas and oil exploration, or power generation, we can optimize your manufacturing flexibility with our services and ensure the maintenance of precision and durability.


The railway is the soul of every commuter. Rupam Fabricators are pioneers in the field of Valve manufacturing as well as supplying, exporting and trading of fabricated Railway Component such as Switch Valve, Industrial Railway Hook, Fabrication Machine, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Metal Fabrication Equipment, Railway Roller, Cable head termination, lightning arrestors for locomotives, high voltage bushing base stands Stainless Fabrication, Fabrication Railway Crossing, Loading Facility and Structural Steel Fabrication. With a variety of products, we do not overlook the quality and building of the services.


Automobiles are the kings of the current millennial. The throne of the automobile industry is built with high-end machines that serve the population. We provide them with parts that are required in order to build, maintain and repair these high-end machines. Prototype models are required to test the new models before giving access to the public, we aid in building machine parts that are necessary in order to build the prototype of the models.


Over a decade a more, our clients from the electronic industry have placed their trust with us in order to render them timely, cost-effective and quality services. Rupam Fabricators offers electronic parts and products machining as well as the fabrication to meet the global electronics marketplace needs.We tailor make the design according to the requirements of the client and produce products that leave our clients with peace.